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Griffin Interiors Hotel & Restaurant


As hotel & restaurant designers we are more than happy to arrange a consultation with you to discuss your existing hotel or a proposed new development that you are working on. Our initial consultation helps us to understand what you would like to do and how we can best help you.



Our commitment is to building long term working partnerships. If we can’t help you immediately, then we hope that our honest straight talking advice will encourage you to return to us at a later date. Please browse our portfolio for some of our recent hotel projects. Most clients’ objective is to open a hotel to obtain a good return on their set up costs. To us a good hotel design means that the client receives a multiple return on their investment. Our aim as hotel designers is to help get that return achieved. If you’re investing in a new hotel it’s essential that you work with specialist architectural hotel designers.




We can continue from whatever stage you are at of your hotel design. You may need a brand new concept, or have an existing venue that needs re-addressing. Both scenarios offer excellent opportunities for us to use our creative skills to enhance the space.


As soon as we understand your vision, we are able to create a focused concept or develop an existing one. Developing the correct concept is an acquired skill we have. Once this is developed we will illustrate our ideas so that you can fully understand how the hotel will look. Areas that will be addressed will be the overall concept and direction, the ambience, individual materials, textures, furniture, wall finishes, specialist features, the lighting level and right down to the smallest details.


We aim to deliver hotel interior concepts and designs that are exciting and memorable, leading to positive returns on investments. We work hard to deliver an exceptionally designed hotel space.


Our process, in order to avoid stereotypical patterns of design, is a process of questioning that we subject ourselves to during the design process. At each stage of our design we will ask ourselves why we are designing it in such a way, does it answer the brief, is it appropriate, is it memorable, is it exciting, does it have the appropriate semiotic language to reflect the hotel, will the customer appreciate it? The list with which we question ourselves with is rigorous, but by quizzing ourselves in this way we are continually testing the concept as it develops in order to deliver something exceptional.


This ensures that it fulfils the initial vision that was set by either the client or us the designers.



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